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As a boy growing up I was surrounded by books about famous male scientists and inventors. As now the father of a 5 year old girl, I'm supremely happy that my daughter will have something similar for her. So I got 3 copies :)

– Tim Wright

Our first child, a little girl, will be born early Nov. This is the first book of many I will purchase for her and I cannot be more excited about it. Woohoo!

– Benjamin Shockley

So excited for this - what I would have given for a book like this when I was a little rebel girl with big ambition. I can't wait for my 4 year old goddaughter to open this at Christmas as she starts her own rebel girls journey.

– Philippa Dunn

I’m so excited for this! I actually bought it for my son I want to teach him that women can be powerful as well! #heforshe next generation! Got to teach the boys as well as the girls the power of women!

– Arielle Badger Newman

Every. Single. Thing. About this is perfection. The beautifully designed cover, the enchanting fairy tale style of writing, the diverse art, the wide range of women and girls from around the globe and across time. My baby is only 14 months old and this book holds her attention like no other. Even if you're an adult, you will love owning and reading this.

-Erica Little-Herron

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