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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where can I purchase books and merchandise?

    While we no longer operate our own retail shop, many widely available retailers carry our products, including:, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Amazon. Handy purchase links can be found for all of our books and merchandise in the products section of our website.

  • Do you offer discounts for ordering in bulk?

    Yes, we offer tiered discounts on bulk orders! For more details and pricing, please contact our support team at

  • Can I order wholesale?

    You sure can! For full details and contact information, see our wholesale page.

  • What is the Rebel Girls App?

    The Rebel Girls App is an entirely new digital space — built for girls. The app builds on the award-winning “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” podcast by offering an ad-free, personalized experience where girls can discover, explore and immerse themselves in the stories of inspiring women from around the world and all through history. Download the app to listen to beloved Rebel Girls stories, as well as brand-new tales of extraordinary women!

  • Does the Rebel Girls App just contain audio stories?

    Nope! While storytelling is the heart of Rebel Girls (and our 100+ audio stories are the foundation of the app!) — that’s just the beginning of what the app offers.Girls can listen to soundscapes that transport them around the world — from the jungles of Kenya, to the canyons of the Pacific Coast, to the summit of volcanoes in Japan, and beyond. They can engage in guided activities to explore their creativity as they listen to inspiring stories and music. And when it’s time to wind down and relax, they can listen to soothing sleep stories.And that’s just where we are today. Stay tuned for the new story formats and interactive features we’re hard at work on.

  • What’s the difference between an audio story in the app and the podcast?

    There is no difference! The app is the new home for the entire Rebel Girls podcast library. You can also find content in the app that you can’t find in the podcast, or anywhere else!

  • Do I need to keep up with both the app and the podcast to hear everything?

    Here’s the great news: you only need the Rebel Girls App. It has new audio stories, soundscapes and immersive activities every week — plus our whole library of 100+ stories. The original podcast feed now offers around five episodes at any time, and podcast subscribers will notice a new story about once a month.

  • Do I have to subscribe to the Rebel Girls App?

    No — to unlock all of the content on the app, there will be a small subscription fee. However, there will also be a selection of stories and other content available for free on the app after sign-up.

  • Why is this change happening?

    We’re making this change for two reasons, both related to creating the best experience we can build for our community.

    First, to continue with the podcast as in the past, we would have needed to insert a lot more ads. While many listeners may not be bothered by ads, Rebel Girls wants to offer an ad-free experience for girls as they discover new possibilities and grow into the heroes of tomorrow. Plus, we believe that ads are disruptive to our audio format — they simply don’t allow for the best creative storytelling.

    Second, the Rebel Girls App enables us to offer so much more than a podcast feed. We can better curate and enhance discovery, enabling girls to find stories by theme, region, and so many other categories. Girls can “favorite” the stories they love and create their own personalized experiences. And we can design beyond the story format, including the guided activities now available!

    The Rebel Girls app pushes beyond the limitations of the podcast and is designed to further our mission to help raise the most confident and inspired global generation of girls.

  • Where do I get the Rebel Girls App?

    We’ve started with iOS. Anyone with an Apple device can: (1) go to the Apple App Store, (2) search “Rebel Girls”, and (3) download the app! Android (Google Play) is still under development at this time. But you can join the waitlist to be the first to hear our Android updates. (And maybe even be invited to join our Android beta group when it launches!)

  • Can I download the stories to listen on-the-go?

    Yes! You can listen to stories on-the-go if you download them ahead of time. Just click the “download” button in the upper right of a story to download and listen to it later.

  • Can I make requests for stories I’d like to see in the app?

    Yes, please! We love getting story requests. To leave feedback via the Rebel Girls App: go to your settings via the three dots in the upper left corner, select “Contact us”, and tap the “Email us” button to send your requests. You can also email requests to

  • How do I submit feedback if I like or don’t like something?

    We love feedback! This app is brand new, and we want to keep making it better. You can submit any feedback — good or bad — in the Rebel Girls app: go to your settings via the three dots in the upper left corner, select “Contact us”, and tap the “Email us” button to send us your requests. You can also email requests to Please tell us which stories you love, what new stories you’d like to hear, what didn’t quite hit the mark for you, and which features you’d like to see us build. Thank you in advance!

  • Can I gift this app? I’d love to give these stories to a girl in my life!

    Not yet — at this time, the Rebel Girls App doesn’t have a gifting feature. But it’s on our roadmap! Please email to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll add you to our notification list as soon as it’s available.

  • What about girls, families or educators that cannot afford the subscription? Is there a discount or grant version?

    Yes! We just need a bit of information from you. Please email us at with your request, and include your name, school and contact information.

  • What age group are your books for?

    We recommend our Volume 1 and 2 books for rebels who are 4 to 101 years old! Children ages 4 and up should be able to read our books with some assistance. Children ages 6-10 should be able to read the books by themselves.

    Quite a few of our customers have purchased our books solely for themselves, as the stories are a great source of inspiration for anyone — male or female — child or adult : )

    As for our Chapter Books, we recommend them for ages 7-10.

  • Is the book available in other languages?

    Yes! Volume 1 of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls has been published in Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Norwegian, Portuguese, German, and over 20 other languages! Click here to find out where to buy Volume 1 in other languages.

    Volume 2 for all European and commonwealth territories in Africa and Asia can be purchased on our UK website.

    **We do not work directly on translations. We partner with local publishers to whom we sell translation rights (hence, sorry, but we are not currently looking for independent translators).

  • How can I get more information about rights and licensing?

    For rights or licensing inquiries, please email:

  • Where can I find information about the Rebel Girls Foundation?

    Our 990-PF for the 2021 calendar year can be viewed here.

  • Have a question that isn’t listed here?

    Please click here to contact our support team and we’ll get back to you with an answer (generally within 24-48 hours).